JJ5 News

March 2020 

We look forward to playing for you again, once the venues reopen. Until then, everyone please be safe and take good care of yourselves. Stay in touch, and send us a message anytime. We can't wait to see you and celebrate better days ahead. 

September 2018 

John Juxo joins JJ5! 

This fall, we welcome newest member John Juxo to Juke Joint 5. John brings his piano, organ and vocals to the mix, along with his offbeat humor. John and Lisa Marie have been working together for many years and have a great chemistry. We are all excited to have John on board! 

May 2017 

JJ5 gets a new line-up, and releases a new CD! 

In April 2016, two new members joined Boston R&B band Juke Joint 5: bassist Bob Vabulas and singer-songwriter Lisa Marie. Quite a bit of activity since then including recordings, road trips, a new JJ5 logo and website, new original songs, and a whole new dimension to the Juke Joint 5 sound. 

Early June 2016, JJ5 flew to Salinas, Kansas to perform at the Smoky Hill River Festival, and traveled across New England throughout the summer and fall. New Year's day 2017 saw the arrival of JJ5's new album, Use That Spot on Black Rose Records. Within the short span of nine months, JJ5 already has new material for the next release. 

Contact us to order your copy of Use That Spot and watch for new music by Juke Joint 5. Stay connected with JJ5 on facebook and check our shows here on the website. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the next show! 

~ Juke Joint 5