From festivals, concert halls, and nightclubs to corporate events and backyard barbecues! 

Juke Joint 5 has traveled far and wide and will have your guests swinging and kicking up their heels! We know how to keep the volume low and sweet, when to kick the music into high gear to get the dance floor jumping, and the right moment when folks need a slow, gorgeous ballad to hold that special someone... JJ5 has got you covered!

JJ5 at your venue or special event
Book the Juke Joint 5 for your establishment, festival, wedding, or special event! We will get your guests moving, grooving and having fun... Making good music and good memories - it's what JJ5 is all about!


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For bookings, press / media inquiries, or other information, fill out the contact form above or get in touch with JJ5 at the number or email below. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Dick Lourie (617) 780-8883