​​​Lisa Marie - vocals, percussion

Lisa Marie is a singer-songwriter with a passion for soul music – and as lead vocalist for Juke Joint 5, she keeps that tradition alive with her engaging stage presence, deep husky vocals, and joyful storytelling. Wake Up, Baby!, the debut release from Lisa Marie & All Shook Up, showcases her creative range as songwriter, arranger and producer, while featuring members of Roomful Of Blues, the Duke Robillard Band and Jimmy Vaughn Band.


​​John Juxo - piano, organ, vocals


Rhode Island’s own keyboard gunslinger John Juxo brings the boogie-woogie and funk to JJ5’s soulful sound on piano, organ and vocals. John started as a guitarist with The Flying Ditchdiggers and The Mumbling Skulls; he went on to tour internationally with Big Nazo for a decade. He frequently performs with Lisa Marie & All Shook Up, The Love Dogs and Racky Thomas Traveling Medicine Show, and can be found every Monday night at Nick-A-Nee’s in Providence.

Bob Vabulas - bass

Bassist Bob Vabulas has played his way from his native New York to the Boston area, backing a long list of artists including Buddy Guy and Toni Lynn Washington. His in-the-pocket groove and rhythmic embellishments drive the Juke Joint 5 beat. Along with a quick sense of humor, Bob’s wide knowledge of R&B is a welcome addition to the band.


Richard Malcolm - drums


With Richard Malcolm we are lucky to have our rhythm section anchored by a guy who has played the drums literally from here to China, where he has toured many times. His versatility extends from New Orleans brass band and Dixieland drumming to solid blues, parade drumming, and everything in between. He was for many years, a member of the Shirley Lewis Experience band, and the Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson band.

Dick "The Poet" Lourie  - saxophone, trumpet

Dick “The Poet” Lourie does indeed write and publish poems, most recently focusing on the Mississippi Delta, where he has played frequently over the last twenty years with international blues star and Clarksdale native Big Jack Johnson. He performed and recorded with R&B legend Andre Williams and has also been active on the Boston scene, having spent more than two decades backing Roxbury’s G-Clefs. He brings to the Juke Joint 5 his trademark growling ’50s sound and a hornful of energy.